Entrepreneurial Journalism: The quest for sustainability in the digital media ecosystem

Rosental Alves

On the one hand, the disruption of business models that financed the quality of journalism is making traditional newspapers to shrink their operations while searching for alternative models. On the other hand, startups proliferate all over the world, small digital native journalistic companies, operating from their start under new and creative models of news production and distribution. Journalism has sought inspiration from technology startups in an entrepreneurial effort taking place inside and outside traditional companies. In American universities, the "Entrepreneurial Journalism" course now presents students notions of business and entrepreneurship, which have never been considered before in the training curricula of new journalists.

10th July 2017 / 10h30 / Anfiteatro 1
U.Porto Media Innovation Labs, Praça Coronel Pacheco, 15, Porto.


Rosental AlvesRosental Alves is a Professor in the School of Journalism at UT Austin. He began his academic career in the United States in March 1996, after 27 years as a professional journalist, including seven years as a journalism professor in Brazil. For over a decade, he was a foreign correspondent based in Spain, Argentina, Mexico and the United States, working for Jornal do Brasil in Rio de Janeiro, one of the most important Brazilian newspapers. Professor Alves created the first course on online journalism at The University of Texas at Austin and is the founding director of the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas, an outreach program that helps thousands of journalists around the world with online training. A working journalist since he was 16, Alves received a B.A. in journalism from the Rio de Janeiro Federal University. He was the first Brazilian awarded a Nieman Fellowship to spend an academic year (1987-88) at Harvard University. He previously taught journalism at Fluminense Federal University and at Gama Filho University, in Rio de Janeiro, beginning as a lecturer when he was 21.

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