Adopting Digital Media for Learning

A variety of digital media is being used in today’s education to support new findings about the learning process, which suggest giving the student a more active role. This workshop will focus on how the pedagogical models underlie the successful use of digital media, giving educators guidelines to adapt their courses to integrate these new tools. The workshop will examine these guidelines and test which ones seem most fruitful. The key is for each instructor to consider what is appropriate for each course and each level of student.

The following topics will be addressed:

  • Pedagogical Models supporting use of digital media: What does research say? What do assessments show? Do different disciplines need different media applications of these models?
  • Making Decisions about structure, timing, and type of online media: Fully online: self-paced, on demand, synchronous; Hybrid: many models; What types work well in what disciplines and contexts? Considerations: scheduling, university deadlines, class size, handling exams;
  • Getting started, then scaling: Where to get help; Who else is doing this? What can go wrong? Continuous improvement;
  • Accessibility: What accommodations are required? What additional accommodations are a good idea?
  • Digital Media Tools: Video support: iMovie, etc.; Screen Casting: Screencast-0-Matic; Light Board; Polling: classroom-response systems.

Dates:  9th – 10th July, 09:30 – 12:30

Hillary Hart Dr. Hillary Hart is the inaugural director of the Faculty Innovation Center (FIC) at the University of Texas at Austin. The Center is geared toward harnessing recent advances in technology and in pedagogical research to help shape the future of undergraduate education at UT-Austin and beyond. As Distinguished Sr. Lecturer in Engineering Communication at UT Austin, Hillary has taught graduate and undergraduate courses in environmental and risk communication, technical communication, engineering and research ethics, and the social impact of technology. Hillary came to UT Austin in 1987 and has served the University community in many capacities, including as chair of Faculty Council. She also served as president of the international Society for Technical Communication in 2011-2012. UT Austin recently honored Hillary with the 2015 Civitatis award.

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